Celebrating 77 years

 of the Blenheim

     1937 - 2014

Celebrating 27 years

of the Society

1987 - 2014

Blenheim Day 2014
Our "Few"

'Our Few'


We are looking to hold a very special day next year to which all will be invited.

Watch this space!


Do you know anyone who was on 23 Squadron 1939 to 1940 if so please contact us via the email address below


The Blenheim Society was set up to commemorate the aircrew of the Bristol Blenheim Bomber/Fighter of World War 2.  

This group of men were known as 'Blenheim Boys'

Aims of The Blenheim Society

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Tony Lowe's photo. Tony Lowe's photo.

View from the centre section looking forward through the cockpit (April 2014)

View from the centre section looking backwards with the turret on the left (April 2014)

Second propellor installed Blenheim out for first engine run. Right hand engine started perfectly left engine to go next week

View of the aircraft on jacks just after second engine was fitted -May 2014

Aircraft outside ARC's hanger before first run of starboard engine which went well - May 2014

Both engines up and running

Both engines up and running - October 2014

Engineering Report July 2014 


Donations $ Donations $ Donations

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2014 Prize Winners


Tables of Contents of Blenheim Society Journals

(compiled by Ann Papageorgiou)

40 to 49      50 to 59       60 to 69


Pictured is a Mk 1 bomber       (Note the 'Short nose')


A Mk IV fighter is depicted in this section of Trevor Lay's 'The Blenheim Boys' 




This is the Mk V Blenheim      known as the 'Bisley'


Click on the picture to the right for some amazing 'in plane' footage of the Blenheim flying at RIAT 2002 with the BoB Lancaster.

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Epitaph for the Blenheim Boys : Maybe!!


Contact us:

email to blenheimsociety'at'yahoo.co.uk (replace 'at' with @ - e.g. blenheimsociety@email.co.uk) 

or snail mail through our Honorary Treasurer (details on Membership Application Form)

(Last updated 20/10/2014)